Pets are the creatures of habits and you have to make sure that you train them properly with patience. Teacup pigs are very witty and whenever you talk to them about anything, it gets into their mind very quickly. Potty training is essential for every pet and if you have a teacup pet, it will be easy for you to train them for littering at right place.

Your pig should not be allowed to sprint carelessly anywhere as they are prone to get accidents with careless running. There should be appropriate space given to the dogs with fencing or pet kennels allotted to them. Litter training is usually completed for teacup pets within a week and some dogs only require 2 days to learn it. You need to teach your kids the right place to go whenever they feel like littering.

Potty Training Guide for Teacup Pets

Young pigs don’t get full fledge control over their potty training and get accidental littering at times. You can’t blame them as they are tiny pigs aged six to eight months and like human babies, get these issues. However, the reality is that human babies require more time for training than baby piggies. Some pigs have a habit of excreting at night because they get tired after playing for the whole day. Pigs require some time for themselves at night and if you have outdoor space, it is better to leave them outside for an hour.

In the beginning, you can take them over the litter box after every two-three hours. They will understand the feeling of excreting and they will be able to know the purpose of the box in their area. Don’t give them food to promote littering at a right place. This would spoil their habits and they will probably get troubles with their natural instinct of peeing and pooping.