Vaccinations are mandatory for every pet to keep away from any likely illnesses. There are various schedules to be followed on regular basis for all the vaccinations of teacup pigs. Teacup pig de-worming is essential to keep the pets active and healthy.

Pig De-worming Record is as follows:

Pig De-worming Record

Necessary Vaccinations for Teacup Pigs

The pig will require regular checkups for any kind of parasites and other health problems. These pigs can’t have flea attack on the body like dogs and cats. The veterinarian will give a vaccination card for your teacup pet and it will follow several instructions to be followed for the pet. The injection shots are given on the top of neck, muscular area of body or back of the leg for least pain to the animal.

The piglet will get injection shots according to the weight of their body. The right dosage is given and date is noted on the vaccine card. There are many de-wormers available for different kind of worms for adult teacup pigs. If you feel that the dog is getting dizzy, eats less or has gastric troubles on regular basis, you can get them checked by their vet and get the injection shot. Don’t put any oral vaccination in the mouth of your dog without consulting the doctor. Some pets get pneumonia or lung problems with wrong medicinal intake.

Like other pets, there can be infections attacking teacup pets and you need to make sure that the pet eats well and doesn’t pick up things from anywhere in the mouth. It might cause problems in their health and you are responsible to keep them in good health.